Dick Connette To Perform At Brooklyn's Roulette On June 2nd

Song Out! Folk 'N' Pop Fantasies Concert.  Curated By Avant-Garde Music Pioneer Meredith Monk

Appearing at Roulette, one night only, Friday, June 2 @ 8 pm, Rachelle Garniez, Dick Connette, and Mimi Goese will perform new songs, together with Karen Waltuch (viola), Steve Elson (reeds), Kevin Kuhn (guitar, banjo), and Derek Nievergelt (double bass), and featuring guest vocals by Ana Egge and Suzzy Roche.

Garniez will be presenting a set of her own songs, putting her particular spin on jazz, soul, and r ‘n’ b, with a band especially assembled for the occasion.

Connette and Goese will premiere a group of songs with text by Emily Dickinson. In addition, Connette, assisted by Ana Egge and Suzzy Roche, will present repertoire from both Last Forever and his latest project, Too Sad for the Public, whose first CD, Vol. 1 – Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade will be released on StorySound Records June 16.

Roulette is located at 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn. For more information, tickets, go to or call (917) 267-0363

New Release: Chaim Tannenbaum Sings America The Beautiful

It was at his show at the Proud Camden in London, only three days after one of the most shocking elections in US history that Chaim Tannenbaum decided to unveil his version of America The Beautiful. Still reeling from the election results, the audience was left overwhelmed simply by the pure emotion and sincerity Tannenbaum expressed behind every word. The performance stood as an encouraging reminder that now more than ever must the core values and spirit America was founded on not be forgotten. The couplets at the end of the last two verses below instilled the powerful and relevant message into the minds of the audience.

America, America,
God shed his grace on thee 
Till selfish gain no longer stain 
The banner of the free.


America, America. 
God shed his grace on thee 
Till nobler men keep once again 
Thy shining jubilee.

A few weeks after the Proud Camden show, in a New Jersey concert with Loudon Wainwright III, Chaim again sang America the Beautiful. Wainwright was so moved by the performance that he encouraged him to record it. So Chaim, together with producer/StorySound label head Dick Connette, immediately went to work to record and release a studio version.

As Chaim explains the reasoning behind his performance and recording of the song, "In a former time, America was the hope of mankind. We had an idea, I, C.J. Camerieri (trumpet, french horn) and Marcus Rojas (euphonium, tuba), that by calling to mind that former time, we might give courage to ourselves and to others who might wish to recover its spirit and mandate."

Loudon Wainwright III "Surviving Twin" Comes To London

Loudon Wainwright III performs his stage show "Surviving Twin" for the first time in the UK at London's Leicester Theatre March 9 - 12.

“Surviving Twin” is a posthumous collaboration in which connects some of his best songs with the writing of his late father Loudon Wainwright Jr, the esteemed LIFE Magazine columnist. The performance is a game of creative catch between son and father, exploring issues like birth, loss, parenthood, fashion, pet ownership, and mortality. “Surviving Twin” has never been previously performed in the UK.

“The sardonically humorous singer-songwriter delivers a moving meditation on father/son relationships.”  The Hollywood Reporter

“…a bristling, acerbic, ultimately affecting family album of a show, with father-son resentments, hostilities and resemblances laid out for all to see, alongside the love and self-loathing.”  New York Times

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Loudon Wainwright III song "I Had A Dream" included in Rolling Stone's 13 Great Anti-Trump Protest Songs

Dozens of artists have responded to Trump's rise with new or reworked songs of defiance. HERE are some of the most powerful. 


No Depression Review

Rayna Gellert's Hard Work Pays Off
by Rachel Cholst

January 27, 2017

Rayna Gellert's Workin's Too Hard is a little long to be an EP and shorter than an album, but it says a lot more than most. Gellert is perhaps best known for her work in the roots band Uncle Earl. I don't know too much about this corner of Americana, though, and the seven songs on Workin's Too Hard is enough keep Gellert on my radar.

The album was recorded in a single room with, according to the photo on the inside jacket, with the musicians just inches from each other. This intimacy can be felt throughout the songs. While most of them are slow-paced, the uptempo "I'm Bound for the Promised Land" allows the band to let loose a bunch of energy. However, it's in the first six tracks that they truly spread out and shine. From the get-go with "Workin's Too Hard," Gellert's all-too-human narrators fill us with empathy and warmth, even as we immerse ourselves in their pain. These songs feel timeless but are truly distinctive. It's a beautiful compilation and I'm excited to go deeper into Gellert's catalog.

Speaking of the jacket, if you're into this kind of thing, the design on the physical album is beautiful. From the understated style of the jacket to the dirty fingerprints on the CD itself, the same amount of care and craftsmanship that went into the music can be found in the album. The whole project is intimate, earthy, and human -- things we all need in the coming years.

To see the full review and listen to the track Workin's Too Hard go to: No Depression

Bluegrass Situation Premieres "Grey Bird"

Listen to the track "Grey Bird" from Rayna Gellert's new album Workin's Too Hard.

"We thought the album was done and dusted, ready to master, and then 'Grey Bird' came flying in. Kieran and I, in the instant inspired, finished it sitting in the studio, and then we all chased down the arrangement together. Working with such versatile musicians makes it hard to narrow down the options. But as soon as I heard the octave-mando-and-electric-guitar combination, I knew we'd captured it." -- Rayna Gellert

THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION: The home of everything bluegrass, folk, and Americana

Chaim Tannenbaum Makes MOJO Best Folk Albums 2016 List

Congratulations to Chaim and producer Dick Connette!

Rayna Gellert to Release New Album and Tour UK In January

On Old Light: Songs from my Childhood & Other Gone Worlds, old-time fiddler Rayna Gellert first established herself as a songwriter and vocalist. Workin’s Too Hard (available January 27), her new collection of original and traditional songs, carries that promise forward, along a tradition now of her own devising, and demonstrates how deep immersion in our musical past can point the way toward the future of American music. She developed the album in collaboration with co-producer Kieran Kane, multi-instrumentalist Kai Welch (Abigail Washburn, Bobby Bare Jr.), and drummer Jamie Dick (Rhiannon Giddens, Joan Shelley). Recorded old school live in one room by Grammy-winning engineer Charles Yingling (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard), the sound of Workin’s Too Hard is as warm, intimate, and deep as the songs themselves.

Workin's Too Hard - UK Tour 2017

Fri 20th Jan - Whitstable Sessions, Whitstable, Kent
Sun 22nd Jan - Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge, Wales
Wed 25th Jan- Manorbier, Pembrokeshires, Wales 
Thurs 26th Jan - Green Note, London    
Sat 28th Jan - Square & Compass, Worth Matravers, Dorset 
Wed 1st Feb - Strule Arts Centre Omagh  
Thurs 2nd Feb - Council Chamber Hall Bangor   
Fri 3rd Feb - Market Place Theatre Armagh  
Sat 4th Feb - Roe Valley Arts Centre Limavady  
Sun 5th Feb - Black Box Belfast    

Review of Loudon Wainwright III London Palladium Concert

Loudon Wainwright III, London Palladium
The singer-songwriter joyfully hymns five generations of his family (and trashes Trump)
by Jasper Rees

Loudon Wainwright III, a going concern as a singer-songwriter since the start of the Seventies, has long since been occluded by the commercial success of his brood, Martha and Rufus. Their old man is still enough of a draw to pack out the Palladium with just a guitar, a banjo and a back catalogue of cranky songs only he could have composed.

For subject matter Wainwright has tended to commute, he cheerfully conceded, along a well-trodden path between “shitty relationships” and “death and decay”. There was a bit of both here – a compulsory outing for “Unhappy Anniversary” and his medical comedy song “The Doctor”. Both themes mordantly combined in “The Morgue” from his most recent release Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet). The song gleefully pictures the deceased on the slab, slain by “a guilty conscience and a broken heart”. How we laughed.

But most of this set was a loving and epic paean to family spanning five generations from grandparents to grandchildren. In winks and glances, it even told the story of the North American century. In “Half Fist”, reflecting on the grandfather he never met, Wainwright rhymed “Loudon” with “World War One” and “shotgun”. There was a lovely story about the tour of Alaska recently undertaken by a bunch of Wainwrights, segueing into “The Wainwright Family Adventure” in which Rufus’s switch in sexual preference was scrunched into a couplet: “once was a tit man/Now checks pecs out at the gym”. “What family isn’t insane?” crooned the clan patriarch in “All in the Family”, reflecting on parental failures.

The figure who loomed over the evening was Wainwright’s father, who in his time was an eminence at Life magazine. His fame was “kind of a drag”, grumbled his son, whose patricidal instincts have mutated into fond respect for a master craftsman. Three times the singing stopped as Loudon Wainwright III allowed Loudon Wainwright Jr to step forward and speak again through him via long stretches of his Life column “The View from Here”. The first was about birth – the singer’s own in hospital on the same night as a much older expectant father heard that his own first child was stillborn. The last was an immensely touching paean to the family pooch. 

With his face an ever-changing canvas of writhing grimaces and wacko tongue wags, Wainwright’s instinct is to make his audience chortle like coyotes. “Election Song” was a typically surreal assault on Donald Trump, who in a nightmare vision makes “My Ding-a-Ling” the national anthem and carpet-bombs Montreal (where Wainwright’s kids were brought up by their mother Kate McGarrigle). But he can also conjure up melancholy without his old man’s help. “I’m Back in Your Town” opened the set and established an undertow of sorrow beneath the jaunty veneer. There was a lovely elegy to an old Carolina troubadour in “Charlie’s Last Song” and a thoughtful memorial to Hank Williams in “Hank and Fred”.

As for the music, Wainwright made light of his touch. “Don’t know what I’m worried about,” he said as he tuned his guitar. “You can’t tell.” His Grammy for best traditional record he modestly dismissed as “category 57 behind best poker record”. But he picked and strummed folk tunes of bracing originality, mingling blues swoops and country licks and, when his hilarious long-term sidekick Chaim Tennenbaum sauntered on, sprinkles of bluegrass banjo plus gorgeous close harmonies.

This was a lovely memoir in song and spoken word. In his dotage, is the old man growing sentimental? “We’re too old to die young,” he said, “but we can dream, can’t we?” May he dream on and on.

Chaim Tannenbaum To Play London In November

At the conclusion of his UK tour opening for Loudon Wainwright III, Chaim Tannenbaum will play a solo show Friday, November 11 at Proud Camden in London.  The show presented by The Nest Collective will feature Chaim performing songs from his selt-titled debut album with special guests Kate St. John, Neill MacColl and Dick Connette. 

Purchase tickets HERE

StorySound Live: Excursions Into American Song at The Yard on Martha's Vinyard

StorySound Live: Excursions Into American Song
Featuring the music of Dick Connette, Rayna Gellert, and Chaim Tannenbaum with Kevin Kehrberg, Kevin Kuhn, and Nathaniel Smith
For one night only Friday, September 16 at The Yard on Martha's Vinyard.
Click HERE for more information and tickets

Dick Connette and Folk is led by composer Dick Connette, whose "conceptual vision stands at a crossroads between composed "serious" music and the wide horizons of American folk music," (Sam Sutherland). His works merge American folk and popular music. StorySound Records, founded by Dick Connette, is a small NYC label, focussed on song, rooted in American folk and popular music. Since 2009 it has released 15 CDs, including Loudon Wainwright III’s Grammy-winning High Wide & Handsome. The shows will feature songs by Dick, Rayna Gellert, and Chaim Tannenbaum, all StorySound artists. The group has been assembled especially for The Yard, and all of the performances will be premieres.

Chaim Tannenbaum Four Star Review in The Guardian U.K.

It’s a no-nonsense, charming and compelling affair. At 68, he’s a new folk hero. 4-Stars!

Read the entire review HERE

Chaim Tannenbaum To Open For Loudon Wainwright III On Tour Of U.K.

Chaim Tannenbaum will tour the U.K. this fall in support of his new self-titled release.


Thu 13             Cambridge              Corn Exchange      
Fri   14             Manchester             BWH                      
Sat  15             Bexhill                    De La Warr Pav  
Mon 17            Bristol                    St. Georges Hall        
Tue  18            Birmingham           Town Hall              
Thu   20           Milton Keynes         The Stables            
Fri     21           London                   The Palladium       
Sun   23           Liverpool                 Philharmonic                   
Mon   24          Gateshead              Sage                      
Tue   25           York                        Barbican                
Thu   27           Sheffield                 Memorial Hall        
Sat    29           Glasgow                  RCH  
Mon   31          Cork                       Opera House


Tue   1             Limerick                 Limetree Theatre
Wed  2             Belfast                   Mandela Hall
Sat   5              Galway                  Seapoint          
Sun  6              Dublin                    Vicar Street      

Chaim Tannenbaum Review in Pop Matters

Chaim Tannenbaum Reinvigorates Traditional Folk with his Compelling Debut.

If you’ve heard of Chaim Tannenbaum before, it’s probably because he’s worked alongside acclaimed singer-songwriters in the world of folk music, such as Loudon Wainwright III and sister duo Kate and Anna McGarrigle before turning out his debut solo record. If you had imagined, though, that at the age of 68 the prolific folk artist would have established a solo effort any sooner than 2016, you’d be mistaken.  With decades in the industry already footed by Tannenbaum, 68 years comes across as an interesting, and certainly off-the-beaten-path, age for a man of his musical pedigree to be turning in his official debut. At the same time, it offers up a tremendous pool of knowledge as it applies to folk music and the world about him.

Read the full review HERE

Judd Apatow-Executive Produced Video for Loudon Wainwright's 'I Had A Dream' Debuts on Funny or Die

The comedy video website Funny or Die premiered Loudon Wainwright's music video for his latest song, "I Had a Dream."  Watch HERE

Throughout his career, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III has occasionally turned his attention to current events, “Social Studies” (1999) and “10 Songs for the New Depression” (2010) for example. This year’s primary season has once again given him something to (ruefully) sing about, so, acting like a one-man Super PAC, he’s rushed to write, record, and release his broadsided stumpsong. Titled "I Had A Dream," the song explores what it would be like if Donald Trump won the presidency. Upon completing the song, Wainwright enlisted famed director Judd Apatow to executive produce the video which premiered today on Funny or Die, co-directed by Myles Kane and Marc Philippe Eskenazi.

Chaim Tannenbaum Interview and Video in The Montreal Gazette

Wainwright/McGarrigle Co-hort Chaim Tannenbaum Releases Album of A Lifetime. 

Those in the know, including Wainwright, have talked about Tannenbaum’s key role in the Wainwright and McGarrigle oeuvre. But the man himself has little time for such praise. “I played a role,” said Tannenbaum. “Wainwright and Kate and Anna, they’re richly creative. They’re rambunctious. Stuff just comes out of them. I had an excellent time on the ride. It was so much fun.”

Read the full article HERE

Salon Premieres Loudon Wainwright III New Single "I Had A Dream"

Loudon Wainwright turns his acerbic wit on the 2016 presidential election and conjures a bleak dystopian future. Hear Wainwright imagine Donald Trump’s terrifying presidency in this new song I Had A Dream.

Chaim Tannenbaum Record Release Shows In New York, Montreal and Toronto

To celebrate the release of his self-titled debut album, ChaimTannenbaum will play New York, Montreal and Toronto.  Performing with Chaim in New York are Will Holshouser, David Mansfield and Loudon Wainwright III.  For the Montreal and Toronto shows Chaim will be joined by Joel Zifkiin on fiddle and Tom Mennier on accordion and piano.  Click on the dates below for more information or to make reservations. 

Sunday, May 22 at Dixon Place in New York

Thursday, June 9 at Upstairs Jazz in Montreal 2 SHOWS

Sunday, June 12 at Tranzac in Toronto