New Song "A Winter Tale" from Chaim Tannenbaum Available Now

On December 19 StorySound Records Releases a new seasonal song from Chaim Tannenbaum.  Chaim Tannenbaum - vocals Will Holshouser - piano, organ, orchestral bells Recorded at 2nd Story Sound, NYC Produced by Dick Connette Engineered and Mixed by Scott Lehrer Mastered by Daniel Alba for Zampol Productions (NYC). 

We measure time in units that begin and end in winter, at Christmas and New Year’s. In winter, in the narrow hours of light and warmth, we pause, we contemplate the passage of time, we feel its rampant passage.

We take stock: here are the rewards only time may bestow: gratitude, friendship and family, ritual, enduring, deep liaisons; here are the depredations it entrains: diminution, loss, irreplaceable loss, futile longing, and fear. 

- Chaim Tannenbaum

StorySound Releases Included in Best of 2017 Readers Polls

Rayna Gellert's album Workin's Too Hard is included in the Year-End Best of 2017 Readers Poll at No Depression and Folk Alley.  Ana Egge's song We Are One is included in the Reader's Poll at Folk Alley. Click THE LINKS below to vote for your favorites.


New Song and Video: Ana Egge "We Are One"

In September of 2017, Ana Egge met up with songwriter Gary Nicholson in Nashville, TN and wrote “We Are One.” They felt the need to examine those occasions whether it be eclipse or calamity, when, in wonder or distress, we come together. Especially now, at a time when our country is so divided. These are moments to be cherished, as the song states, when “you look into a stranger’s eyes, and see yourself looking back” and recognize “all our differences are nothing in the face of love.”

The video was shot in New York by Susan Bibeau & Jeff Oehler of Beehive Productions.  "Sue and Jeff and I and their friend Nick drove around NYC for a couple days and had so many great interactions with strangers that our cheeks hurt from smiling." - Ana Egge

Watch the video HERE

The Dick Connette Interview in RootWorld Magazine

"I want to work in this world... I'm not going to pretend I'm something I'm not"
Dick Connette talks with RootsWorld's Marty Lipp

Marty Lipp sits down with someone who has his own interesting answers to the question "What Is Americana?." Folk artist, modern composer, blues enthusiast and arranger Dick Connette made his first mark in the American music scene in the 1990s with his project, Last Forever, a duo with Sonya Cohen, abetted by a marvelous group of musicians from many areas of interest. Dick is back this year with his latest dive into American roots music waters with a new project, Too Sad For the Public, this time with a number of singers, Ana Egge, Gabriel Kahane, Suzzy Roche and Rachelle Garniez.

Read the tales Dick had to tell, and listen to some of the music from Too Sad For The Public.

fRoots Magazine Review of Too Sad For The Public - Vol. 1 Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade

October 2017 issue of fRoots, No. 412