02. River Town
03. Grey Bird
04. Oh Lovin' Babe
05. Perry
06. Strike The Bells
07. I'm Bound for the Promised Land
Rayna Gellert

Workin's Too Hard

On Old Light: Songs from my Childhood & Other Gone Worlds, old-time fiddler Rayna Gellert first established herself as a songwriter and vocalist. Workin’s Too Hard, her latest collection of original and traditional songs, carries that promise forward, along a tradition now of her own devising, and demonstrates how deep immersion in our musical past can point the way toward the future of American music. She developed the album in collaboration with co-producer Kieran Kane, multi-instrumentalist Kai Welch (Abigail Washburn, Bobby Bare Jr.), and drummer Jamie Dick (Rhiannon Giddens, Joan Shelley). Recorded old school live in one room by Grammy-winning engineer Charles Yingling (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard), the sound of Workin’s Too Hard is as warm, intimate, and deep as the songs themselves.

Having grown up steeped in American folk music, Gellert’s unique voice - both as a writer and singer - embraces a synthesis of the old and the new.

I love Rayna’s musical personality, which is deep, funky, and complex. - Béla Fleck

Release Date: January 20, 2017