03. Lady Franklin's Lament
04. The Last Campaign
06. Acres of Diamonds
07. Boll Weevil Blues
Last Forever

Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds is Last Forever's fourth release - new and old songs out of the American tradition, written and arranged by Dick Connette, with vocals by Sonya Cohen. From Memphis medicine show to delta blues and obscure barrelhouse, from girl group doo wop to Duane Eddy, Burt Bacharach and beyond, it honors its sources with all the devoted attention and tortured disregard befitting any good false true-hearted lover. The orchestrations range from solo guitar to chamber consort - there's piano, bass, and drums, strings, brass and reeds, lap steel, harmonium, and hammer dulcimer. Years ago Details described Last Forever as "Americana done right … no sanctimony, no roots rock. Just mind-bending clarity." Well, yes, that's the spirit.

Release Date: October 16, 2015